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A Brief History

The Isles International University receives its name from two sources, the original company register filed in the Republic of Ireland and the further charter from the Minister of Education of the British Isle of Man to act as an international university, deriving into a British Isles born organization, now established in the heart of the European Union.

The original concept of the institution was first conceived in 1995 by a group of academicians; the first batch of distance learning students were enrolled in 1996 and the first batch of graduates were produced in 2000. When those foundation students graduated as 'Convocation Year 2000', they were quickly recruited by some of the largest corporations worldwide and their subsequent achievements in the workplace firmly established the University reputation.

The IIU was first registered in Ireland; at the dawn of the millennium, the institution was officially launched in year 2000 and first official convocation was held in September of that year, as a non-for-profit company, meant to act as studies validation and awarding body for a number of universities, schools and colleges throughout Asia and Africa, as well as for IIU partner institutions in Europe.

Over time, the organisation’s Charter gave place to development in Europe of the Isles International University (European Union) to become an internationally recognised self governed community of scholars, established in Belgium to work under the EU academic alignments on pursuing its mission’s accomplishment, run by highly internationally recognised academicians, scientists and education specialists.

The IIU-EU’s organisation is a totally autonomous institution, which works independently of the old company’s functioning; nevertheless, to favour the IIU-EU’s mission achievement, it maintains a link to the old company through its International Office, in order to take advantage of its international financing schemes and of its international relations framework.

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Glances of History and Tradition

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"We learn simply by the exposure of living, and what we learn most natively is the tradition in which we live."

David P. Gardner

Jean-Pierre Poelmans

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