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The IIU Press and Research Centre is a Division if the Isles International University, which withholds all needed resources, state-of-the-arts tools and facilities to enhance the University’s students, researchers and Faculty highest quality cutting-edge research work performance, research work’s results and findings presentation and publishing to gain worldwide exposure.

The IIU Press is organized in two main branches: 

Libraries and Research Centre, which provides all needed state-of-the-arts tools, resources and facilities to perform the best quality research development work and to present results and findings publicly at proper forums, conferences, lectures, seminars and symposia; and

Publishing Units, which select research information, organize and edit research work content, produce and distribute worldwide scientific and academic books, monographs and periodical publications such as journals, magazines, newsletters, etc.,

Research facilities are organized by correspondent department of the University as four Research Units (Business and Economics, Engineering and Technology, Science and Social Science). Development of research projects include in-house facilities, affiliated laboratories around Europe, specialized libraries, museums, performance forums, etc.

Publishing facilities and operations are widely spread around the world, including IIU Press’ international headquarters in Belgium, near Brussels; publishing and printing facilities in Canada, Malaysia and Mexico City.

Research developed within the IIU Press and Research Centre regards to over 195 research projects which foster over 5,000 books and monographs published every year, and which provide highest quality cutting edge research results and findings currently included in 13 journals periodically published by the Press.

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