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The MPU is the branch of the IIU Press committed to publishing research monographs and books from research work produced by students, researchers, faculty and applicants to studies or degrees validation process at the University. 

MPU receives research works from the School of Doctoral Studies Departments and from the EUASC Studies Validation Board, provides technical and artwork editorial support, publishing and registration services, and storage of works within correspondent Research Unit’s Library at the IIU Press Libraries and Research Centre.

This process allows published research works to be accessed and downloaded from everywhere around the world, providing authors’ work with worldwide exposure, favouring worldwide knowledge dissemination. 

Up to December 2008, MPU has published over 174,000 books and monographs, including the following disciplines:

Business Management and Economics Research Database Content 

Accounting and Finance: 849 monographs
Advertising and Marketing: 841 monographs
Business management and management science: 15,035 monographs
Economics: 5,129 monographs
Public administration: 1,426 monographs 

Engineering and Technology Research Database Content

Agricultural and Food Technology: 367 monographs
Aviation and Aeronautics: 549 monographs
Computer and Software Technology: 4664 monographs
Engineering: 450 monographs 

Science Research Database Content

Aging: 662 monographs
Astronomy: 225 monographs
Biology and Life: 8,278 monographs
Chemistry: 315 monographs
Earth and Environment: 2,574 monographs
Geography: 855 monographs
Geology and Geophysics: 381 monographs
Mathematics: 277 monographs
Nutrition: 646 monographs
Physics: 435 monographs

Social Science Database Content

African-American Studies: 3,296 monographs
Anthropology: 2,127 monographs
Archaeology: 408 monographs
Architecture: 588 monographs
Art: 1,937 monographs
Asian Studies: 2,549 monographs
Canadian Studies: 1,920 monographs
Child and Youth Studies: 2889 monographs
Communication: 3,250 monographs
Criminology: 3,718 monographs
Dance: 99 monographs
Drama and Theatre: 1,922 monographs
East European Studies: 604 monographs
Education: 5,739 monographs
English: 18,826 monographs
Ethics: 2,150 monographs
Ethnic Studies: 2,075 monographs
Film: 2,883 monographs
Gender and Sexuality: 2,663 monographs
History: 12,063 monographs
Holocaust Studies: 357 monographs
International Relations: 2,821 monographs
Labour Studies: 1,442 monographs
Language Studies: 507 monographs
Latin American Studies: 1,283 monographs
Law: 4,339 monographs
Linguistics: 312 monographs
Literature: 17,410 monographs
Music: 1,159 monographs
Native American Studies: 567 monographs
Philosophy: 4,565 monographs
Political Science: 9,111 monographs
Psychology: 7,926 monographs
Religion and Theology: 5,000 monographs
Sociology: 7,189 monographs
Sport: 1,011 monographs
Tourism: 357 monographs
Women Studies: 4,152 monographs 

Research Designs:  1,085 monographs

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